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You can read about Blog Design & Blog Services provided by Marketing That's Easy below, but first:

What Is A Blog?

I am frequently asked, "what is a blog?".  A blog is basically an online journal of yourBlogging thoughts, ideas and opinions.  Your blog should provide content that is educational, entertaining, engaging and/or inspiring.  It is best to provide a variety of content so your readers stay engaged and coming back for more.

You can publish tutorials, business tips, the latest news and how it impacts your target market, multi-media such as video, images, famous quotes and more.  On your blog, you can also provide links to resources or tools that you recommend.

Business blogs are becoming more and more popular with each new day. They are attracting more readers and more companies are starting their own blogs as a way of promoting their business.

  • Is a blog right for you? 
  • Do you have something to write about that your target market wants to read? 
  • Do you know what NOT to blog about?
  • Do you know which blogging software is the most flexible? 
  • Do you know how to promote your blog so it is found by potential readers and subscribers? 

We can help you answer the above questions, and others that you may have, through our Blogging Services shown below:

Blogging Services

We creatively put all of your blog pieces together so you don't have to!

  • Blog Strategy:   Development of blogging strategy which includes a content plan, timing & frequency strategy and more which will help you blog consistently, give your readers what they are looking for and manage your time efficiently.

Blog Strategy, Blog Design, Blog Services

  • Blog Design:  Wordpress installation, Thesis theme configuration and  blog design. Installation & configuration of plug-ins and widgets to make your blog more visually appealing and more functional. Installation of security plug-ins to help protect your blog, reader statistics plug-ins to help you give your reader what they are looking for and plug-ins that perform scheduled back-ups of your database and blog design files.
  • Blog Search Engine Optimization:  Configuration of applicable theme settings as well as optimization of title tag, meta tags, categories and more so that your blog is more easily found in search engines.

  • Blog Management:  Proofreading & editing your blogs before they are published, scheduling your blog posts, finding & embedding videos, photos or images in your blog posts and strategically adding keywords to your blog title, text and images so your blog posts are more easily found in search engines. Reviewing blog comments & questions from readers and approving, deleting, responding to and/or forwarding them to your company as applicable. Upgrading Wordpress and plug-ins to new revision levels as needed.

  • Blog SEO Copywriting:  Writing blog posts for you (ghost blogging) using SEO copywriting and link building techniques while ensuring keyword rich content that search engines will love.

  • Blog Promotion:  Promotion/submission to over 100 blogging directories to help drive traffic to your blog and increase its visibility.

  • Blog Analytics:  Set-up of web-based tool that gives you statistics on your blog's Google ranking, keywords that visitors used to find your blog and a whole lot more! This will help you fine-tune the type of blog content that you publish.

  • Wordpress Blog Training:  Training on how to write blogs using words that your target audience is searching on (includes keyword research) as well as training on how to maintain or upgrade your blog and do administrative tasks.

  • Blog Troubleshooting & Repair:  These services are available in the event that your blog is compromised by a virus, malware or other unwanted attack.  Troubleshooting and updates may also be needed if plug-ins are not compatible with other plug-ins or a newly released version of Wordpress.   

Before You Start a Blog

Take a moment to read the following blog posts from our Social Networking & Internet Marketing blog:

It is best to have a blogging strategy regardless of the size of your company.  We can help you develop a plan, determine which blogging software is best for your specific blogging goals and help you promote your business in the blogosphere (the world of blogging).

Please contact us if you would like assistance setting up a blog or promoting your business via blogging.



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