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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Social Media & Internet Marketing Services 

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About Training, Workshops & Webinars

Can you conduct a social media marketing workshop or webinar for my company, group or association?
Yes, we can.  We conduct live workshops in the San Diego area and live webinars.  We also produce recorded webinars for on-demand viewing at a later date.

What topics do you train and teach on?
Topics include how to use various social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc...), keyword research & utilization, how to create & maintain a business blog and other internet marketing topics.

About Our Services:

Can you set-up or overhaul my social media accounts & profiles?

Yes.  We can set-up/overhaul your accounts and create impressive online profiles for you that are search engine optimized.  We can also set-up web tools that will streamline your social media activity.  You can then maintain your own accounts. 

Can you manage & update my social media accounts?
Yes.  We can do as little or as much of your social media marketing as you want.  We would first agree on which aspects of your social networking you want us to handle and the amount of time you want us to dedicate to managing and updating your contacts & accounts.

Do you know how to do keyword research and utilize keywords on the web?
Yes, and this is a very important step in gaining visibility for your website and internet marketing activities.  Beware; many web designers do not know how to do keyword research and/or do not offer it as a service.  Read our blog post about this very subject.

Do you do website optimization or search engine optimization?
Yes, we provide search engine optimization services and we highly recommend it to all new clients.

Can you review my website and give me recommendations for improving it?
Yes, this is also a service that we offer.  We can review our written recommendations with you and/or your web designer or we can update your website after you sign off on which recommendations you want implemented.

About How We Do Business:

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful San Diego, California and since our business is internet based, we work with clients throughout the United States and beyond.

I've never worked with a freelance marketing specialist.  What's required of me?
We rely on you to tell us what you hope to accomplish through your marketing. We will also need to see your current brochures, website and other marketing materials so we can see what you've been doing so far. If we need to work with any of your current service providers, we will need their contact info and a phone call or email introduction to them. From time to time, we will need information or drafts from you if applicable to the project.

When will you bill me?  What forms of payment do you take?
We bill clients on the 1st and the 15th of every month unless other arrangements have been made.  Invoices are payable Net 10 days from invoice date.  We accept company checks, most major credit cards and PayPal.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. Paying a deposit tells us that you are ready for us to start your project AND it helps break the project costs into manageable payments for you.  The amount of the non-refundable deposit is dependent upon the size of the project.



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