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Social Media Branding With Custom Backgrounds & Graphics To Match Your Company Branding

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Is Your Social Media Branding Consistent?

When your company's message and visual image are consistent on all of your marketing materials, your company is perceived as organized, professional and successful. This pertains to social media and online marketing as well as print media.

Have you taken the time to ensure that your social media profiles represent your company's image? If not, or if your social media profiles need some sprucing up, we can help!

At Marketing That's Easy we create custom graphics and backgrounds for Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress and more. We can either start from scratch or use logos and graphics that you already have (like we did in the example below).

Fan Page Branding Example

Graphics taken from client's website:

Client's Website Header

Coordinating graphics created for client's Facebook Fan Page:

Fan Page Sidebar Graphic

Fan Page Custom Landing Page Header


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