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Social Media Marketing Is NOT A Fad: It Fulfills Your Target Market's Needs

Social Media Marketing Is Today's Marketing. It Produces a Positive ROI and It's The Way Many of YOUR Prospects & Customers Want YOU To Communicate With Them

Is Your Marketing Fulfilling Your Target Market's Needs?

Your target market is bombarded with information and advertisements just like you are! And they do NOT want to be "sold" to. Billboard Ad - Buy Me! Buy Me!

They want "solutions" and "information or resources" that will help them. They want outstanding customer service, effective products & services and most of all they want to know that you care about them as a customer!

  • Do Yellow Page Ads fulfill the above needs for YOU?

  • What about Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads, Television Ads, Billboards and other forms of traditional advertising? Do they fulfill your needs as a customer?

  • Then how can you expect these type of ads to fulfill the needs of your target market? The realistic answer is, you can't! 

Use Social Media Marketing To Meet or Exceed Your Target Market's Needs

The Good News is that with Social Media Marketing you can meet or exceed the needs of YOUR customers and prospects! Through Social Media you can:Social Media Marketing

  • provide useful information
  • provide links to recommended resources & tools
  • provide outstanding customer service and reduce incoming customer support calls
  • offer your products & services
  • show your customers & prospects that you are listening & that you care

Are You Dissatisfied With The Level of Communication or Engagement You Have With Your Customers & Prospects?

There is a solution!  With Social Media Marketing, you can effectively engage with prospects & customers by:Social Media Conversation

  • answering their questions
  • showing your appreciation for their support
  • responding to their concerns, comments & customer service needs
  • asking for their input & opinions
  • encouraging them to comment on your blog, Facebook page, etc...
  • responding to reviews left on Yelp & other peer recommendation sites
  • posting a poll & commenting on the results
  • promoting & running contests or give-a-ways

Would You Like To Use Social Media Marketing To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads or Make More Sales?

You Can! And you can also use Social Media to...

  • reach additional people in your demographic
  • build customer loyalty
  • share valuable industry information
  • publish details of company or industry events & receive RSVP's
  • post photos & videos about your products, services or your customers
  • post text or video testimonials
  • publish case studies
  • capture newsletter subscribers
  • easily announce specials, sales or new products/services
  • ...the possibilities are almost endless...

Social Media ROI - Hint: It's Positive When Done Right


Social Media Is NOT A Fad - It's Where YOUR Customers And Prospects Want To Connect & Engage

Consider that only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI. And, 90% of people skip TV ads using their TiVo/DVR. It's reported that 24 out of 25 of the largest newspapers are reeling from record declines in circulation.

It's no wonder that, only 14% of consumers trust advertisements. While 78% trust peer recommendations. And guess where they are finding recommendations from their peers. On the internet: on social media sites (like Facebook & Twitter) sites...blogs...forums...and more!

The above statistics speak loudly to the sentiment that Social Media Is NOT a Fad - It Is a Revolution.



Let Us Help You Effectively Participate in Social Media Marketing

With over 10 years of experience in online marketing, traditional marketing and business networking, we're here to help you Attract New Customers & Repeat Business using social media marketing.

We can help you:

  • understand how social media marketing works
  • use social media in effective ways
  • brand your social media identity
  • build a substantial social media audience
  • increase website traffic & generate leads with blogging and social media syndication
  • communicate on social networks in a way that will engage your prospects and customers and get them to trust you & buy from you
  • save time & money, therefore maximize your investment, using social media best practices & automation tools
  • optimize your social media and online content so it is FOUND by your target market

Do any of the above sound like they would be good for your business?

Do you think talking with a Social Media Marketing Professional could be beneficial to you?

Then, contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute consultation.

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