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Social Media Strategy Development & Consulting

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development Complimented with Consulting from Marketing That's Easy

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Strategy

Having a comprehensive "written" Social Media Strategy will help your company lay the groundwork for connecting with your customers & prospects via social media.  It will also help you:

  • set goals for your social media marketing Bridge to Customers on Social Media
  • monitor results and make adjustments to your social media efforts
  • effectively train staff & freelancers faster and easier
  • ensure that your employees & contractors understand your company's overall social media strategy
  • avoid costly mistakes and wasted time
  • successfully integrate social media marketing into your marketing plan
  • maximize the time and effort you invest in social media marketing

What a Social Media Strategy Includes

Development of a Social Media Strategy (or Action Plan as we like to call it)Social Media Strategy Questions includes determining who, what, where, why, when and how your company will participate in social media.

A written Social Media Strategy from Marketing That's Easy includes sections for Target Market, Goals, Tracking, Websites, Productivity Tools, Content, Timing, Resources, Marketing Integration and more!

Marketing That's Easy's Social Media Strategy Development service is an interactive service utilizing a Q & A format complimented with consulting.

Let Us Help You Start Off On The Right Foot

With over 10 years of experience in online marketing, traditional marketing and business networking, we're here to help you Attract New Customers & Repeat Business using social media marketing.  And as we're sure you already know, the best way to start any new marketing venture, or business venture for that matter, is with a well thought out and written Strategy!

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