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Social Networking Training & Internet Marketing Workshops

Do you want to learn How To Use Social Networking & Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business?  At an Affordable Price?  

At Marketing That's Easy, we specialize in training you on how to use social networking sites for business promotion and how to implement internet marketing techniques. We have been told numerous times that our  training and workshops are EASY to understand and follow.

The types of training we provide are:

Our social networking trainings are focused on one topic.  We do NOT give you an overview of multiple topics causing you to feel overwhelmed and confused. Instead, each of our trainings focus on teaching "one topic" or "one social networking site" like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

After attending one of our trainings or workshops you will have: 

  • a solid foundation of the topic
  • an understanding of how to use applicable features & tools
  • knowledge of what NOT to do 
  • an understanding of "why" you need to participate in social networking
  • and most importantly, excitement about putting all you've learned into practice

Cheering Computer Class

"Thanks Kimberly - I am VERY excited about all of this.
Talk to you soon.  Regina"

If you are looking for training options, you will run across some people that charge hundreds of dollars for an all day social networking workshop.  They cover many topics and many websites or tools.  You will almost undoubtedly leave this type of workshop confused and overwhelmed and will soon realize you are not much farther along than when you started.

I recommend that you save the big bucks and the all day commitment.  You will save a ton of money by attending our single-topic focused workshops and you will be able to implement each new social networking site or tool at your own pace.  You don't need to jump onto every social networking site that you come across and try to learn them all at once.  Start with one social networking site...get a good handle on how to use that site to promote your business...become an active member of the site and get comfortable with it.  THEN, add another website to your marketing mix.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our social networking training and internet marketing workshops or if you are interested in booking a private training.

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